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In the last  few years there has been increasing media interest in our experience.  We’ve collated a list of some of the tv, radio and youtube programmes.  Let us know if we’ve missed any…


US station discussing Mixed Race Identity in America today through book & movie reviews and interviews with mixed people. A Social Commentary on Biracial Life.

BBC, Mixed up in the Middle East, 2011

As the daughter of an Arab Muslim father and Jewish mother, Reya El-Salahi travels to the heart of Israel to understand the reality of living with the conflict in the Middle East. She faces the dangers and contradictions of everyday life there for young people as she tries to discover if there is anywhere in Israel she could safely belong.


“Hafu” was inspired by the Hafu Project, an exploration of the experiences and identities of mixed-Japanese people through portrait photographs and in-depth interviews. Launched in London in 2008 by social researcher Marcia Yumi Lise and photographer Natalie Maya Willer, the Hafu Project probes the half-Japanese experience by asking what it means to be half-Japanese inside and outside of Japan. To date, the project has collected 130 portraits and 65 extensive interviews, exploring topics ranging from background and upbringing to personal identity and sense of belonging. Since launching the Hafu Project, Marcia’s and Natalie’s work has been showcased at numerous exhibitions around the world (London, Tokyo, Kobe, San Francisco) with the support of the Japanese Embassy and other cultural organizations.

In 2009, filmmakers Lara Perez Takagi and Megumi Nishikura met Marcia and Natalie when they came to expand their project in Japan. Noticing the lack of media attention on hafus and exhausted by the superficial adoration of hafu celebrities on television, Megumi and Lara set out to produce the first ever broadcast-able documentary feature film about hafus, and made by hafus.

BBC, Mixed race UK population double official figure, says new report, 6 October 2011

New figures seen by the BBC suggest our mixed race population may be twice the size of official figures – up to two million people.

BBC, Being a mixed race family in the UK, 3 October 2011

Single mother Penny Walters from Bristol describes how she is raising six mixed-race children, from three fathers of Ghanian, Jamaican and Egyptian heritage.

BBC, Mixed Race Britain, Mixed Britannia, 5 September 2011

In this three-part series George Alagiah explores the remarkable and untold story of Britain’s mixed-race community and examines through the decades how mixed race has become one of the country’s fastest growing ethnic groups.

BBC, Mixed Race Britain, Twincredibles, 5 September 2011

Telling the surprising story of this genetic phenomenon, Twincredibles explores the life experiences of five sets of black and white twins, from babies and teenagers through to brothers nearing 30, who are similar in so many other ways, but lead very different lives because of the colour of their skin.

BBC, Mixed Race Britain, How the world got mixed up, 5 September 2011

This one-off documentary explores the historical and contemporary social, sexual and political attitudes to race mixing.

Throughout modern history, interracial sex has been one of society’s great taboos, and across many parts of the world, mixed race relationships have been subjected to a range of deterrents. Mixed couples have endured shame, stigma and persecution and many have risked the threat of ostracism from their friends and families.

BBC, Mixed-race adoption policy gets new guidelines, 19 February 2011

White couples should be allowed to adopt black and ethnic minority children under new guidelines for social workers in England.

What are you? A dialogue on mixed race

US documentary exploring how seven women identify themselves.

Channel 4, Is it better to be mixed race? 2 November 2009

This documentary from the Race: Science’s Last Taboo season asks is it a biological advantage to have parents of different ethnic backgrounds?

Before 1967, it was illegal in 16 American states for a black person and white person to marry. Right wing groups on both sides of the Atlantic continue to espouse that the mixing of races is destructive and against some kind of natural order.

Aarathi Prasad, a geneticist and mother of a mixed race child, sets out to challenge the ideas of racial purity and examines provocative claims that there are in fact biological advantages to being mixed race.

It’s a controversial subject that has aroused much opposition from both ends of the political spectrum, but does greater genetic diversity confer advantages in humans, as seen in the breeding of plants and animals, or are lifestyle and environment the primary influences?


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