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Looking after mixed race curls

Typically Afro hair is 1% moisture and Caucasian is 3%. Marketing for afro products tends to emphasise dryness as a common hair/scalp problem and caucasian products, oiliness. As mixed race we’re often somewhere in the middle.  Afro products can be too heavy, leaving the hair greasy or weighed down. Caucasian products can be drying, stripping the hair of natural oils.

I’ve tried lots of ranges designed for mixed hair (Mixed Chicks, Curls, Kinky Curly, Miss Jessie’s, Beautiful Textures to name a few) but found many of them too pricey or that they shrunk my curls too much (a good tip is to look up the curl type of the brand’s founder as often the products best suit their curl type).

Then I had a eureka moment and looked towards Brazilian products. Brazil is something of a mixed race motherland where a high proportion of the population is mixed race, therefore their hair products are often designed to benefit a range of different oil balances and textures.

Skala is a Brazilian product range with a great system of leave-in and intense hair conditioners at affordable prices with a wide spectrum for dry/coarse/anti frizz/damaged/colour treated/weak/dull hair types.


What I learned from curl expert, Carlos Flores, about looking after mixed/curly hair;

If your hair doesn’t get greasy between washes then forgo shampoo and ‘wash’ with conditioner.

Curls need moisture to be defined. Leave in conditioner is your best friend.


  • Wash your hair with conditioner and apply an intensive conditioner at least once a week
  • Your fingers are your comb, only comb whilst hair is wet
  • Separate hair whilst conditioner is on, using fingers as a comb run hand through hair to remove tangles and gently remove loose hair
  • Rinse hair and apply a leave-in conditioner
  • Allow to air dry or use a hood hairdryer to keep curl definition


  • Use a brush or comb on your hair – its fragile! Combing may pull out hair before its time
  • Comb (even with fingers) when hair is dry, it may break off your  hair
  • Towel dry – it breaks up the curl pattern
  • Pull hair back with a clip or tie before it is nearly dry, it will strain and break the hair as it wants to curl when wet. Wait until hair is dry or very nearly dry.




8 comments on “Looking after mixed race curls

  1. Keith B.
    11, December 2013

    Finally, a video for all of us halfies that explains our problems dealing with people! If your of mixed ethnicity, you’re going to love this video. Like and share for all the other halfies out there!

  2. Lydia May
    3, May 2014

    Haha, my mum is Caribbean and dad is english and when I was a kid she always did by hair. But since I was 16/17 I finally embraced my curls and all your advice is what I’ve been doing on my own by way of experimentation. My hair is neither afro or white so neither parent is clued on what works best now. Also recommend pantene split end serum, great on damp hair, leaves it really soft and non greasy.

    • joyce rodriguez
      15, December 2014

      omg thanku i have a7 year old she is mixed her hair is curly and wavy it is dry so i have been using pantene product and it work the best so far and i honestly must have tryed a million product i just picked up the serum it works great

  3. Kianna
    26, April 2015

    Great article! I’m really intriuged by Skala / want to try out some products. Checked out the site and there doesn’t seem to be a way to order it? And amazon just has the deep conditioning treatments. How have you been getting it? Thanks!

  4. Nadejda Josephine
    9, October 2015

    The best product range I have found is by Avlon, their affirm range is brilliant. The maker of these products is actually a chemist so he knows what is required to moisturise hair, and after having tried all the ranges available, seriously this is the best product range. Other products are produced by people who have no clue about what the composition of hair (chemically) and what is required. their treatments are wonderfully and I use them every week, my BF who is Caucasian uses them too.

  5. Serina
    26, April 2016

    Hi. I’ve got two children a girl and a boy they are Jamaican Indian. My daughter is 6 and I am trying to encourage her to know how to take care of hair. However I’m Indian therefore it’s difficult for me to teach her. I would appriciate any suggestions. I have had her hair in corn rows but I do find this leaves slot of breakages when I take them out. Any help will do thanks

    • Crissy
      25, October 2016

      If she has curly hair then her hair is likely to be prone to dryness. Keeping it moisturised is therefore a must! You can try leave-in conditioners and hair masks to make her hair more manageable. You can also try simple styles like buns, twists, single plaits etc. to keep the hair out of her way. You could also wash it and use curly hair products that will leave the hair in a decent state so it can be worn down. For other tips watch youtube videos on mixed/natural hair.

  6. Partia Karva
    28, April 2016

    :T This wasnt very useful. I have two feel of mixed Black-caucasion hair that stickes out to the sides just as much and it hangs down, and this said to comb with your FINGERS. During the summer and pooltime, bugs (especialy the sharp legged beetles) LOVE my hair and like to burrow right down to my scalp, and I should finger comb? I get litteral matts in my hair if i dont comb it daily in the shower!

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